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March 13, 1994  Portsmouth Motorcycle Club 
One of the oldest motorcycle clubs in Ohio, established in 1913, based in Portsmouth Ohio, --regarding their history and adventures in the days of the first motorcycles. 

March 20, 1994  Ohio Motorcyclists Enrichment Program 
Larry Bignall, instructor, also a claims manager for a national brokerage, --discusses "sharing the road" and the enrichment program (Ohio's rider education course). 

March 27, 1994  Biker Discrimination --It Happens 
State Senator Frank Sawyer (D-Mansfield) and attorney Ralph Buss (motorcyclists attorney) discuss amendment to Ohio's civil rights act introduced to the Ohio legislature 3/22/94. 

April 3, 1994  The Easter Spirit --Fundraisers Held by Motorcyclists 
Mark Shepard, member of The Blue Knights (policemen), and a discussion of charitable events and organizations which have benefitted from them. 

April 10, 1994  Buying a Bike: From Financing to Customizing 
Mainstreet Easyriders' (Cleveland) manager Mike Peplin, with previous experience at a Harley dealership in Elyria, regarding how to buy a bike, from down payments to customizing. 

April 17, 1994  Government, Politics, Helmet Usage 
Former Cleveland Mayor Dennis Kucinich (candidate for Ohio Senate) and Greg Trojan (state director of ABATE/CMRO, fireman/paramedic), and a discussion about government, politics, and helmet usage. 

April 24, 1994  The Original Wild Ones 
J. D. Cameron & Wino Willie, live from California, the guys portrayed in the movie The Wild One played by Marlon Brando and Lee Marvin. Both are now in their late 70's and are members of the Boozefighters Motorcycle Club. Also in the studio were members of the Boozefighters from Huron County, OH. 

May 1, 1994  Motorcycle Awareness 
Greg Trojan, State Coordinator for ABATE/CMRO (OH); Mike Warren, retired motorcycling advocate for numerous organizations; Billy Bobbs, State Coordinator for ABATE, Inc. (OH); discussion of motorcycle awareness month. 

May 8, 1994  Mothers, Grandmothers, & Great Grandmothers Who Ride 
Mothers' Day Special about mothers who ride their own motorcycles including our own Betty Z, and featuring the eldest guest, Dorothy, who began riding her own motorcycle in 1947 and is a grandmother eight-times over! 

May 15, 1994  Laconia, NH Annual Rally and The Louie Run in OH. 
Charlie St. Clair, live from Laconia, discusses the oldest motorcycle rally in the U.S. in its 71st year! Also live call-in coverage from the 11th Annual Louie Run in Mentor, OH, 20 miles East of Cleveland. 

May 22, 1994  History of Harley in Cleveland 
Dan & Roger from Harley Davidson Sales Company on Lorain Road, the first family-owned dealer on northern Ohio, regarding the history of Harley Davidson in Cleveland. 

May 29, 1994  Easyriders Rodeo, Painesville, OH 
LIVE REMOTE BROADCAST from the 1st Northeastern Ohio rodeo. Interviews with rodeo organizers, racers, and the Lake County Sheriff! 

June 5, 1994  Breaking the Stereotype 
Members of Mensa (IQ in the top 2% of population) who ride motorcycles talk about Mensa & motorcycling. The guests included a female rider/motorcycle-magazine writer from New York and a male from California. 

June 12, 1994  Motorcycle Tours in England, Ireland, New Zealand 
Greg Harrison of the American Motorcyclist Association discusses overseas tours they offer to motorcyclists, what to expect, and what to enjoy. 

June 19, 1994  Public Square on Biker Broadcasting 
Open forum for call-ins from listeners, from maintenance questions to accident investigation. Also, special comments from Mr. Z. on current events and how you would explain them to your son on this Father's Day. 

June 26, 1994  Motorcycle Tours in Thailand 
Guest from Tieo Tours (Chicago) discusses motorcycle tours they offer in Thailand, explains the country and its people. 

July 3, 1994  Upcoming Local Motorcycling Events 
Discussion of upcoming events in the area --March of Dimes Run, POW/MIA Run, Easyriders Cleveland Bike Show. 

July 10, 1994  Annual Sturgis Race & Rally, Sturgis, SD 
Phone interview with the executive director of the annual Sturgis event; discussion of its history, events scheduled for this year, etc. 

July 17, 1994  Charitable Events 
Phone interview from March of Dimes event (Ohio), organized by the Harley Owners Group. Also, phone interview from Minnesota regarding "Hawgs for Dogs" event which raises money to supply seeing eye dogs to those in need. 

July 24, 1994  American Motorcyclist Association Heritage Days 
Phone Interview from Columbus, OH with the President of the AMA regarding their Heritage Days event, the AMA and its history. Call-ins from Los Angeles & Cleveland, from some original charter members of the AMA. 

July 31, 1994   Upcoming Cleveland Events 
Discussion of upcoming 2nd annual All Harley Street Drag Nationals in Thompson, OH and an interview with the Swordsmen Motorcycle Club, holding a motorcyclists rights fundraiser that same weekend. 

August 7, 1994   Motorcycle Drag Racers 
Interviews with top area national Harley racers Huck Cameron, Derrick Nelson, and Jaime Morocco, featuring their insight into drag racing. 

August 14, 1994   Legal Beat for Motorcyclists--Part I 
Attorney Terry Gaffney discusses medical malpractice and proper accident handling. (Part II will be broadcast on September 9th.) 

August 21, 1994   Motor Meet '94, and Warrior Trikes 
Interview with organizer of largest upcoming event of the summer (expected attendance of 25,000) and interview with manufacturer of Warrior Trikes (Toledo, OH) including comments from a parapalegic trike driver. 

August 28, 1994   Public Square on Biker Broadcasting Open forum for call-ins from listeners, topics including government intervention, helmet issues, road-use taxes, and school levies. 

September 4, 1994   Motor Meet '94; Medina, Ohio --- LIVE REMOTE BROADCAST--- 
Live Remote Broadcast from Medina County Fairgrounds 2nd Annual Motor Meet and Ribfest. Interviews with motorcyclists involved in the labor movement (Ironworkers and Teamsters). 

September 9, 1994   Legal Beat for Motorcyclists --Part II 
Guest attorney Terry Gaffney continues the series, discussing accident handling and malpractice issues. (This Part II program produced by popular demand stemming from Part I, aired on August 14, 1994.) 

September 18, 1994   Touring the State Capitols by Motorcycle! 
Cleveland area motorcyclist Dan Frederick discusses his 17,000 mile, 77 day trip on his BMW, where he covered the state capitols in each of the 48 states. 

September 25, 1994   Motorcycle Product Testing 
Motorcyclist Nick Nichols, Texas, who has logged over 1 million motorcycle miles, discusses motorcycle product testing and the company he formed to do so, working with the top corporations in motorcycling. 

October 2, 1994   Custom Motorcycle Builders 
Interview with the Ohio members of the Hamsters, and international club of 150 custom motorcycle builders, known throughout the world. 

October 9, 1994   Physically Chalenged Motorcyclist 
Discussion with physically challenged motorcycle drivers; including female rider who is a double amputee, and a male rider with cerebral palsy. 

October 16, 1994   Women in the Wind 
Women in the Wind international V.P. Tina Bond of Akron discusses women and motorcycling. 

October 23, 1994   Motorcycle Product Testing 
Rerun of Sept 25, 1994 program requested by popular demand. 

October 30, 1994   West Coast Politics 
Motorcyclists in Washington State discuss their October election rally in Olympia at which Mr. Z was an honored speaker. 

November 11, 1994   Politicians or Legislators? 
State Representative Diane Grendel and state senatorial hopeful Dennis Kucinich (former Cleveland mayor) discuss today's politics and the difference between a politician and a legislator. 

November 13, 1994   Public Square (Open Forum) 
Open forum for call-ins from listeners. Congratulations given to newly elected Senator Kucinich, State Rep Grendell, Senator Hoke, Senator Snowe. 

November 20, 1994   San Francisco Motorcycle Club --Part I 
David Schiller, President of the SFMC (1st vehicle to cross the Golden Gate Bridge) discusses their club's history and motorcycling in California. 

November 27, 1994   San Francisco Motorcycle Club --Part II 
Continued from November 20, 1994, discussion of club's history, trophies, and the MDA run sponsored by SFMC. 

December 4, 1994    Mechanics Made Easy 
Mechanics from Performance Cycle, Cleveland area motorcycle shop, discuss winterizing your bike as well as basic maintenance. 

December 11, 1994   The AMA Today 
Ed Youngblood, President of the AMA, discusses unfair insurance practices; 6 day international enduro being held in the U.S.; CA desert protection act. 

December 18, 1994    "The V-Twin High Performance Guide" 
D. William Denish, author of "The V-Twin High Performance Guide" discusses high performance techniques, ratios, and equations described in his book. 

December 25, 1994    Public Square Open Forum 
"most frequent caller" award for 1994 shows.


January 1, 1995   Vintage Racing 
Discussion with Bill Murar, Regional Director of WERA (Western/Eastern Road Racing Association), 1993 National Champion--Vintage 1 Racing. 

January 8, 1995   Suzuki Drags 
Drag racer Bill Mayo describes his GSR 1100 180hp Suzuki drag bike and and Ironworkers' contest of column climbing which he did barefoot! 

January 15, 1995   Road racing 
World Ranked professional road racer and 1994 national 750cc supersport national champion Tom Kipp discusses his road racing career. 

January 22, 1995    Motorcyclists' Rights Issues 
Discussion with Lee Ryan, state director of ABATE of Ohio Inc., and Robert Doyle, Columbus, Ohio lobbyist for motorcyclists. 

January 29, 1995    Cycle World's Upcoming Motorcycle Show (Ohio) 
Feature Interviews with Larry Huffman, the voice of motorcycling events explains what to expect at next weekend's motorcycle show by Cycle World. 

February 5, 1995    Cycle World's International Motorcycle Show ---REMOTE BROADCAST 
Featured interviews with Larry Huffman, promoter; wheelie king Doug Domokos; vendors: Laconia Rally/Races, ABATE/CMRO; Motorcycle Reports; Mikuni; Ural Motorcycles. 

February 12, 1995    Flat Trackers 
Famous flat track family, the Roeders, including George, Geo, Jesse, and Will chat about flat track racing from 1954 to present and learning to ride motorcycles before bicycles! 

February 19, 1995    Miles Past 
Excerts from a couple of past shows; and a current discussion with a mechanic regarding upcoming emissions regulations which seem to be unnecessary. 

February 26, 1995    Harley Owners Group (HOG) 
West side Cleveland HOG officers and members talk about their local group and its members, whose motto is "ride to eat and eat to ride". 

March 5, 1995    Public Square 
A forum for listeners to call in and talk about any topic related to motorcycling or current events. 

March 12, 1995    First nationally syndicated show!! --new 2-hour format, 9-11pm Eastern Time on Sundays! 
Guests from our very first show aired in Cleveland on WHK 1420, rejoin us for this inaugural national show on The Talk America Radio Network, namely the San Francisco, CA & Portsmouth, OH motorcycle clubs, amoung the oldest clubs in the US. 

March 19, 1995    Drag Racing 
Guests from Wisconsin, Doc Hopkins (1994 super top fuel champ), along with daughter Kersten, the youngest top fuel drag racer ever licensed (age 16), and from Ohio, Bill McGrew, drag racing champion, double plate #1 holder. 

March 26, 1995    Cruisin' the States 
Two high mileage guests: Dan Frederick (OH), toured solo to all the state capitols in the lower 48 in 77 days, sending his granddaughter a postcard from each; and Nick Nichols, (TX) who has logged over a million motorcycle miles, --a past Iron Butt competitor and a motorcycle products tester. 

April 2, 1995    Old-timers, Part I 
Members of the Dayton Motorcycle Club (OH), one of the oldest in the country, talk about motorcycling then and now. 

April 9, 1995    Old-timers, Part II --and Laconia, NH Rally 
Conclusion of the interview started last week. Then we talk with the director of the Laconia Race & Rally, one of the largest in the country (held in New Hampshire). 

April 16, 1995    Public Square 
Listener call-in show, includes comments on David Koresh and his followers who enjoyed bikes; Call-in from American Federation of Riders (Cincinnati, OH) who have raised $millions for children through motorcycle events. 

April 23, 1995    Rider Education 
Instructors for the rider education program in Ohio, Larry Bignall and Adele Rapelye, discuss the course and their background in motorcycling. 

April 30, 1995    The Five Points Conference 
Representatives of motorcycling organizations in Maine, Florida, Ohio, California, and Oregon provide an exchange of info regarding issues facing motorcyclists today. 

May 7, 1995    A truly American-Made Motorcycle 
Owner of American Motor Works explains the history of this new motorcycle manufacturer based in Florida which has incorporated engineering and aerospace experience into the design of bikes. 

May 14, 1995    Mothers that Ride 
Second annual program featuring mothers, grandmothers, and an 8-time great-grandmother, who ride their own motorcycles. Concludes with interviews as each rider heads on down the road. 

May 21, 1995    Supercross and the Goshen Motorcycle Club 
Review of the Cleveland Supercross event at which Jeremy McGrath ties the record. Also includes interview with Goshen Iron Horsemen Motorcycle Club memorial hill climb (Indiana). 

May 28, 1995    Congressman Martin Hoke on Motorcycling 
U. S. Congressman Martin Hoke discusses his involvement in motorcycling, blue collar labor reform issues, and an upcoming event he will be riding in, with a motorcycle donated by a listener. 

June 4, 1995   Honda Supersport 
Interviews from Mid-Ohio races, world-class racer, Tom Kipp. Includes a call-in with a distressing report of Danny Hammel's death at the Baja 500 in Mexico. 

June 11, 1995    Helmet Law Debate 
The first national helmet law debate on the radio! Two Ohio state representatives who recently introduced a mandatory helmet law in Ohio, debate two motorcyclists rights supporters with Biker Broadcasting as moderator. 

June 18, 1995    California Issues 
Steve "Red" Baron, motorcyclists rights advocate, discusses the effect of the mandatory California helmet law. 

June 25, 1995    Hot Rod Bikes Show 
Interviews with the organizers of the Hot Rod Bikes show held in Cleveland this weekend. Also a discussion on the Federal Highway bill which passed this week. Call-in from a cross-country rider, --his first motorcycle ride ever! 

July 2, 1995    The Wild One 
Interviews with two original "wild ones" from Hollister, CA who were portrayed in the movie "The Wild One" with Marlon Brando and Lee Marvin. Both are in their 80's and still ride motorcycles (2nd annual interview). 

July 9, 1995    Helmet Use --Pros & Cons 
World renown neurosurgeon Dr. Robert White from Ohio, accidents investigator Tony Sanfelipo from WIsconsin, and surgeon Davin Nunley from California discuss pros & cons of helmet use. 

July 16, 1995    Annual Sturgis, South Dakota Event 
Francie Alberts, director of the Sturgis Race & Rally runs down plans for this year's event, includes interview with motorcyclists rights advocate Tony "Pan" Sanfelipo, from the law firm of Jacobson & Hupy in Wisconsin. 

July 23, 1995    AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days Event 
Interviews with racers at the annual AMA event including one-armed racer Chris Drayer, king of Daytona Beach Dick Klamforth, and BMW Battle of the Legends racer Gary Nixon. 

July 30, 1995    Health Insurance Discrimination 
Information from attorney Mike Hupy and from American Motorcyclist Association legislative specialist Eric Lundquist about this increasing problem and the fund set up by the AMA to help combat it. 

August 6, 1995    The Return of Triumph, and Progressive Insurance 
Hour 1: Triumph CEO Michael Locke talks about the "triumphant" return of this British motorcycle. Hour 2: Representative from our sponsor Progressive Insurance explain motorcycle coverage and the claim handling process. 

August 13, 1995    Sturgis Update, and Warrior Trikes 
DIscussion and callers about the Sturgis, South Dakota event this year. Also, and interview with the owner of Warrior Trikes, built-to-your-specs type trike made in Toledo, OH. 

August 20, 1995    America Today 
Lt. Col. James "Bo" Gritz, green beret, retired, provides his insight into America and motorcyclists today, and his role as a mediator in the recent Ruby Ridge fiasco. (Bo is a motorcyclist and a pilot). 

August 27, 1995    Helmet Law Debate 
Rerun of June 11, 1995 program by popular demand. 

September 3, 1995    Motor Meet '95 Remote 
Reports about the opening of the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Museum, including call-in from listener who attended the parade and concert, and comments from ironworker who helped build the museum. Interviews mainly with blue-collar labor officials who are also motorcyclists. 

September 10, 1995    Excelsior-Henderson is Back 
Interview with Dave and Don Hanlon, who have brought back the infamous Excelsior Motor Company. Includes and interview with the rock band Molly Hatchet, from USA Hog Roast event help August 19, 1995. 

September 17, 1995    The Blue Knights 
Mark Shepard, president of the Blue Knights, Cleveland, talks about his motorcycling club whose members are police, both men and women. Includes many positive comments from callers around the country. 

September 24, 1995    Motorcycle News 
Recent press releases and stories in the motorcycling world, including drag-racing update from our field reporter Mary Lou Brewton. Discussion of new firearm bill with Ohio State Senator Vukovich, which is of interest to motorcyclists such as Vietnam Vets. 

October 1, 1995    Wrenchin' and Wrench Throwin' --basic and advanced 
Discussion and call-ins about working on your motorcycle with area mechanic Bart Clemons from the basics to advanced. Mr. Z's wife, Betty "Boop" (also a motorcycle driver) assisted with the "basic" session. 

October 8, 1995    My Favorite Roads 
Three riders describe their favorite roads for motorcycle riding in the US. The guests have each been riding at least 30 years and have travelled millions of miles on many of the same roads. 

October 15, 1995    Art by Scott Jacobs, and news about Iron Butt 1995 
Hour 1: Talk with motorcycle artist Scott Jacobs who is commissioned with Harley Davidson and who is well-known as the number one motorcycle artist. Hour 2: Discussion and reports of the Iron Butt 1995 competition. 

October 22, 1995    Washington State activists, and news about the Del Mar Mile 
Washington State activists explain their roles in politics and lobbying concerning motorcycling issues. Next, an interview with Jess Roeder, a well known racer, about the Del Mar Mile which was just completed. 

October 29, 1995    Bike Alarms and also Tort Reform Issues 
Hour 1: Bike alarms and paging systems to keep your bike safe and secure. Hour 2: Tort reform as it affects motorcyclists --discussion with the AMA and ABATE of Ohio. 

November 5, 1995    Women in the Wind Motorcycle Club 
Members in the Women in the Wind Motorcycle Club describe their history and membership in the ever changing sport of motorcycling. 

November 12, 1995    Jay Leno Interview; Wisconsin Senator Dave Zien 
Hour 1: Author Bill Stewart reads his story about a trip across Montana on a motorcycle (article appeared in AMA Magazine) with sound effects added. Then we play a taped interview with Jay Leno talking about his MC collection, including Vincent Black Shadows, Brough Superior(s), and of course Harleys.   Hour 2: An interview with Wisconsin Senator Dave Zien, a motorcyclist who is running for Congress. 

November 19, 1995    Miscellaneous Motorcycle News 
Coverage of recent press releases and stories in the motorcycle world. Also included a taped interview with the band Molly Hatchet, recorded at the USA HOG Roast this past summer. 

November 26, 1995    Motorcycle Drag Racing 
Number one motorcycle drag racer Jim McClure talks about his career and love of the sport of drag racing, along with our beloved drag race field reporter Mary Lou Brewton. 

December 3, 1995    Investment Biker! 
Author and millionaire investor Jim Rogers talks about his 2-year trip through every continent around the world on his BMW motorcycle, the "receptions" he encountered, and his interpretation of the politics and economics of each country. 

December 10, 1995    Christmas Gift Ideas for Motorcyclists 
Interviews with Mike Reid of the American Motorcyclist Association regarding membership benefits; Steve Fernandez of Moto-Trivia, a trivia card game for bikers; and with Chris Kozlowski of the Wire Wizard, a motorcycle alarm and paging system. 

December 17, 1995    The Year in Review 
Host Mr. Z and wife Betty review the 1995 radio shows aired by Biker Broadcasting. 

December 24, 1995   Old time radio (trip through Montana); Helmet Law Debate (Reruns) 
Hour 1: (Rerun) Author Bill Stewart reads his story about a trip across Montana on a motorcycle (article appeared in AMA Magazine) with sound effects added. Hour 2: (Rerun) The first national helmet law debate on the radio! Two Ohio state representatives who recently introduced a mandatory helmet law in Ohio, debate two motorcyclists rights supporters with Biker Broadcasting as moderator. 

December 3, 1995    Investment Biker (Rerun) 
Author and millionaire investor Jim Rogers talks about his adventurous 2-year trip through every continent around the world on his BMW motorcycle, the "receptions" he encountered, and his interpretation of the politics and economics of each country. 


January 7, 1996   Women on the Track; & Supercross USA 
This show about "Women on the Track" features America's top female motorcycle road racer, Nancy Delgado (WERA and AMA racing circuits); Supercross USA features a talk with Roy Jansen, director of USA Supercross events. 

January 14, 1996    California Helmet Law Debate 
Assemblywoman Denise Ducheney, and Bill Morrow, author of A.B.244 are featured in the discussion with Tony "Pan" Sanfelipo, Red Baron, and Paul "Piper" Rafter, editor of Thunder Press. 

January 21, 1996   Christian Motorcyclist Association 
President Herbie Shreve and '95 AMA 750 Supersport national champion Tom Kipp talk about their Christian beliefs and the role it plays in their love of motorcycling. 

January 28, 1996   Arlen Ness--Custom Builder;  Scott Heath--Yamaha;  Cycle World's MC Show 
World renowned custom builder Arlen Ness talks about his history in motorcycle building, and his line of parts and accessories.   Yamaha Royal Star Scott Heath, (PR/Yamaha) descibes his hot new bike of the year.   Cycle World's International Motorcycle Show Promoter Larry Huffman explains the upcoming motorcycle shows in the U.S. 

February 4, 1996    Laconia'96 and other news 
Laconia '96 Director Charlie St. Clair talks about what's happening at the upcoming June event.   Our perky racing specialist field reporter Mary Lou Brewton, freelance writer for AHDRA, talks about the upcoming drag season.   Tony Sanfelipo, motorcyclist activist and accident investigator joins us. 

February 11, 1996    Investment Biker Part II 
New York millionaire Jim Rogers talks discusses stories from book he wrote about his 22 month BMW motorcycle trip through 7 continents: tells how to do it, what to know, and how to survive the social, economic, and political scene of countries he toured. 

February 18, 1996    Drag Racing 
This show features Bill Furr, Bob Spina, Linda Jackson, and Kersten Hopkins --the world's youngest top fuel motorcycle drag racer at 16, and includes comments from our drag-racing reporter Mary Lou Brewton. 

February 25, 1996    Daytona '96 and other topics 
Preview of Daytona Beach Bike Week. Other news features GA State Representative Allan Powell, motorcycle activists Kim McAllister, Tony Sanfelipo, Red Baron, Florida ABATE President "Doc" Reichenbach. 

March 3 1996    Public Square 
Open forum for listeners to call in, and some live reports from Datona Bike Week. 

March 10, 1996    Women's Motocross 
Amber Hughes of Team USA joins us for some interesting perspective. In other news, we present a legislative update regarding the TN helmet bill. 

March 18, 1996    Motorcycle Ice Racing 
Tony Bosi and wife Rose talk about east coast activities and their life and times in motorcycling. 

March 25, 1996    Riding the World, and Physically Challenged Bikers 
Dave Barr, ex marine, Vietnam Vet, double amputee, talks about his 3 year adventure around the world on a ' 72 Harley. We also interview a female rider, double amputee, from Ohio who rides a MotoGuzzi. 

March 31, 1996    Right to Public Land 
Members of the Recreational Riders Association talk about motorcycle riding being banned on public lands. In other news we cover the Philadelphia Toy Run with 25,000 riders, and interview the Biker Rights Action Group (BRAG) of Michigan. 

April 7, 1996    Christian Motorcyclist Association (Rerun) 
President Herbie Shreve and '95 AMA 750 Supersport national champion Tom Kipp talk about their Christian beliefs and the role it plays in their love of motorcycling. 

April 14, 1996    Legislative Update 
Participants are Eric Lundquist, AMA Legislative Affairs Specialist; Vince Consiglio for ABATE of Michigan; Parkay from ABATE of South Carolina; Red Baron, President of California ABATE #6; and Richard Quigley of the Helmet Law Defense League. 

April 21, 1996    Build a Bike on the Air 
Mr. Motorcycle Nick Nichols, and Denny Dennish, who wrote the V-Twin High Performance Guide, talk about how they would build a high-performance bike! 

April 28, 1996    Vietnam Vet/POW/MIA 
Motorcyclist, green beret, and former POW from Ohio talks about his grueling experience as a POW, his eventual escape, and return to freedom. 

May 5, 1996    Board Track Racing, and Bike for Congress 
Hear Jim Davis, the oldest board track racer (who just turned 100 years old) talk about board track racing of years past. Biker for Congress, Wisconsin State Senator Dave Zien talks about his 1 million motorcycle miles and upcoming election. 

May 12, 1996    Mothers that RIde 
From great-grandmothers to mothers, hear why they enjoy riding motorcycles, and how they got started. One woman's first ride was in the nose of a sidecar with heated bricks! Hear about their interesting lives, and about another who has an unlimited masters license as a sea captain! 

May 19, 1996    Hogs at the Rock; Hawgs for Dawgs, and Supercross News 
Cleveland Harley Owners Group Members tour the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for motorcycle awareness month. We also discuss the Hawgs for Dawgs fund raiser for seeing eye dogs. The AMA Supercross title goes to Jeremy McGrath. 

May 26, 1996    Memorial Day Biking 
Wisconsin Senator Dave Zien and Ret., Green Beret Lt. Col. James "Bo" Gritz tell why they ride and why it's an expression of freedom. We also get a live report from "the wall" in Washington, D.C. where 200,000 bikes gathered at Rolling Thunder

June 2, 1996    Drag Racers 
Mark Conners, Bill Furr, Derrick Nelson, and reporter Mary Lou Brewton join us. In the news, we get an update about the Spartanburg, SC discrimination case, and a preview of Laconia Race & Rally Week '96

June 9, 1996    Blue Knights; AMA 
The Blue Knights (motorcyclists club for police men and women) is represented this time by Mark Shepard, President of Ohio Chapter #8 and we have a discussion, with Ed Youngblood, current President of the AMA (210,000 member American Motorcyclists Association). 

June 16, 1996    Portsmouth Motorcycle Club; Honda Homecoming Event 
Members of The Portsmouth Motorcycle Club, (established in 1918 and which was originally started as a bicycle club in 1895) talk about their colorful history. Honda America motorcycle division manager Ray Sanders talks about the upcoming Honda Homecoming event. 

June 23, 1996    Women Hear Me Roar; Pony Express RIde 
Author of Women Hear Me Roar Ann Ferar talks about the history of women in Motorcycling.   Pony Express Ride organizer Sue Slate and AMA Board Member Patti Mills explain the cross-country ride to raise funds for breast cancer research. 
(Follow-up report: They ended up raising $250,000!) 

June 30, 1996    Helmet Law Issues in the U.S.; Alaska Bikers Guests include Tony Sanfelipo (of Jacobson and Hupy), Nancy Namachik (California), Brian Stoval (Motorcyclists Rights Foundation), Richard Quigley (HLDL) and Charleta Tavares (State Representative for Ohio).   Next we learn about Alaska Bikers from Mike Brock, owner of the Smilin' Dog Saloon in Fox, Alaska. 

July 7, 1996    Iron Butt Competitor; and The Wild One 
Guiness Record holder and Iron Butt competitor Fran Crane describes her record breaking ride form NYC to San Francisco, non-stop in 42 hours and her recent Iron Butt run. Next up, an interview with the Original "Wild One", Wino Willie, talking about his 70 years of riding that began in Hollister, basis for the movie "The Wild One". 

July 14, 1996    Bike Builders; Vintage Days event; and Motorcycle Care 
Arlen Ness, master custom bike builder and his son, Cory discuss their 25th anniversary building bikes.    The AMA's Bruce Truxhall explains the upcoming Vintage Days event.    Phil Priori describes his Talon Motorcycle Care Kit. 

July 21, 1996     Board Track Racing; and Biker for Congress (rerun of 5/5/96 show) 
Hear Jim Davis, the oldest board track racer (who just turned 100 years old) talk about board track racing of years past. Biker for Congress, Wisconsin State Senator Dave Zien talks about his 1 million motorcycle miles and upcoming election. 

July 28, 1996    Ride to NFL camp; Ride to GOP; Sturgis; SC Discrimination; and Honda milestone 
We get the Wisconsin Governor's Ride to the NFL camps report from Tony San Felipo;    Tom Osborne ABATEPAC reports on the upcoming ride to the GOP Convention;    Director of Sturgis Race and Rally talks about the upcoming '96 event; there's an update about the Spartanburg, SC discrimination case; and the 1 millionth Honda rolls off the line in Marysville, OH. 

August 4, 1996    Harleys in Slovenia (new); Senator Zien (rerun from 5/26/96) 
Niko Mihelic, owner of THE Harley dealership in Slovenia (Northern part of former Yugoslavia) talks about travelling in Europe, and the history of motorcycling in Europe. (Second hour is rerun of 5/26/96 interview with Senator Dave Zien, and "Bo" Gritz.) 

August 11, 1996    Live Report from GOP Convention; and Spartanburg SC update 
We hear from Colorado Senator Ben "Nighthorse" Cambell, Tony "Pan" Sanfelipo, (J&H), "Red" Baron, Rob Dingman (AMA), "New York" Mike (ABATE-CA), Steve Bianco (HLDL). They also talk about the ride to the GOP with 10,000 bikers!    We get an update on the Spartenburg, SC discrimination case. 

August 18, 1996    Marcus Dairy Super Sunday, Danbury, CT; Indian MC 
Featured guests are Stephan Craig, from the Christian MC Association; Hell's Angel Chuck Zito from NYC talks about his career as an actor, stuntman, and bodyguard; and magazine publisher Buzz Cantor (American Iron, Indian Illustrated, etc.).   In miscellaneous other news we talk about the Indian Motorcycle Museum in Springfield, Mass. 

August 25, 1996    World's Fastest Drag Racer; and MC Discrimination 
Elmer Trett talks about his Mountain Magic Drag Bike, 6.069 ET, 235.19 mph! (Unfortunately Elmer died in a tragic accident secveral days later.)    Next we discuss a new federal law to prevent discrimination against those who ride motorcycles. 

September 1, 1996     Labor Day Tribute; and interview with Max Bubeck 
We present this labor day tribute to the working man with motorcylists Bill Devito, member of the executive board of Ironworkers Local 913 Cleveland and John Griffaw co-founder Local 913 UAW. Next up we interview Max Bubeck member of the Indian Motorcycle Hall of Fame. 

September 8, 1996    Public Square --Open Forum 
This is the open-mic. call-in show for listeners, includes tips on endurance riding.    We also take some time for a tribute to champion drag racer Elmer Trent, who died the previous week in a tragic motorcycle accident, and include a reading of his eulogy. 

September 15, 1996    History of Motorcycling; and Pony Express Run 
This history discussion features Indian Motorcycles, with Indian Hall of Famer Art McMullin.    Then the Pony Express Run's Sue Slate gives us an update on the success of their countrywide run that raised $250,000 for breast cancer research. 

September 22, 1996    Early Days of AMA; report from MRF; Dragin' Jeans 
Millie Horkey who stitched their first flag, talks about the early days of the American Motorcyclists Association. Motorcyclist Riders Foundation (MRF)'s Al Clark talks about the upcoming 12th annual Meeting of the Minds. We get some product news from the owner of Dragin' Jeans, a new kevlar reinforced denim with nylon and lycra. 

September 29, 1996   Iron Butt Competitor; and The Wild One (rerun of 7/7/96 show) 
Guiness Record holder and Iron Butt competitor Fran Crane describes her record breaking ride from NYC to San Francisco, non-stop in 42 hours and her recent Iron Butt run. Next up, an interview with the Original "Wild One", Wino Willie, talking about his 70 years of riding that began in Hollister, basis for the movie "The Wild One".