May 10, 2012 Mother's Day

Part 1

News from the white line and introducing Lisa Maloney and her trip to Hatfield-McCoy trails.





Part 2

Featuring a blast from the past. Great Grandmothers, Grandmothers and Moms that ride motorcycles. Clips from Mother's Day 1994.

Dorothy Boker, Lea Shipkowski, Elaine Seith, Kay Gibson, Jane MacName

April 24, 2012 Veterans Events

Our first guests are Pamela Staff and John "KIKS" Kikol. Pam is the President of the Northern Ohio Military Family Connection and the organizer of "Welcome Home".

John is the organizer for 10th Annual Rally for the Troops which will be on April 29, 2012 and the organizer of The Ride to Remember on Veteran's Day.

Also, joining Mr Z is Luke Patrino. Luke will fill us in on the latest with the Ohio veterans corruption exposé.

March 29, 2012 Dan T Moore

Dan T Moore

Our guest today is Dan T Moore. He is an en entrepreneur and owner of Dan T Moore Company. The Dan T Moore company is the parent holding company of a diverse portfolio of twelve companies that were founded by Dan. Companies in the portfolio range from manufacturing and distribution to real estate renovation, marina operations and government contracting.  Operations and corporate management are centralized in Cleveland, Ohio, with major sales to a global customer base. Dan is also a trustee and board member of many other organizatuions like the Cleveland Clinic, Invacare and more. Plus, read more about his motorcycle journeys here.

March 16, 2012 The Indian Wrecking Crew

In the mid 1940's, America was booming. Motor sports was becoming huge as thousands flocked to see drivers like Bill Vukovich and Johnnie Parsons. Bill Tuman and Bobby Hill were right there with the top sports figures of the day. As the owners, sponsors, mechanics, tuners and riders of their V-twin Indian Sport Scout motorcycles, they raced sometimes against each other and likely beat the other compitition of the sport.

Bill Tuman, Bobby Hill and Ernie Beckman become the "Indian Wrecking Crew".

March 6, 2012 Super Theif, Super Brawl

In this episode, Mr Z talks with a real super theif. A man that helped pull off the biggest heist in America. He has been portrayed in books, TV specials and now a full length documentary that will premeire this month at the Cleveland International Film Festival on March 23. He is live in our studio, Phil Christopher.

Then we turn back the clock to March 6th, 1971. 41 years ago. Rival motorcycle gangs brawled in the Cleveland Polish woman's hall. The aftermath left 5 dead, scores injured and many in the slammer. Hear the riviting tail during our second segment.

February 29, 2012 Black History Month

Today we explore stories related to Black History Month. First, Ben Hardy. He was the builder of "Captain America" the afmed motorcycle from the film Easy Rider.

Second, we delve into the history of the Zulu motorcycle club founded in Akron, Ohio. Did you know they traveled to Africa to secure the name?

Third, "The motorcycle queen of Miami"

Fourth, a must listen story. This is the story of John Dunn. He was a white man that asended the throne of the Zulu kingdom along with his great Zulu friend Cetshwayo. From birth to death, he had the interest of the African Nation in mind.

February 21, 2012 Veterans and Corruption

On February 15th, WKYC-TV3’s Investigator Tom Meyer exposed the corruption and 1 million dollars of  missing funds from the Veterans.

Today we talk to veterans who have tried to expose this abuse by going to talk to county government, state, and veteran’s organizations.  

Immediately following the recording of this show, Luke Patrino was interviewed by Tom Meyer for an upcoming broadcast on WKYC.   

View Luke's interview with Tom Meyer
View WKYC story from March 8th

February 15, 2012 Craig Vetter

Our guest is Californian, Craig Vetter. His designs for motorcycle fairings has made him a legendary inventor.

His new project is to see how much distance he can squeeze out of a gallon of fuel. His different designs and solutions to fuel efficiency are also a creative expression.

"It is not about going faster... it is about living better and consuming less fuel"

-- Craig Vetter


January 27, 2012 Barr and St Clair

Dave BarrLaconia

Dave Barr the author of "Riding on Ice" is here to tell us about his solo motorcycle journey took three and a half years to complete and spanned six continents and 83,000 miles.

Plus, all of us are looking forward to the summer riding season. That is why Charlie St. Clair is our second guest. He fills us in on all the happenings at this year's Laconia Motorcycle Week. Laconia is celebrating their 89th year!

And of course, some news from the white line.


January 13, 2012 Motorcyclist of the Year

Today our guest is Nancy Sabater. She received the honor of being the AMA's Motorcyclist of the Year.

Sabater, a motorcyclist from Charlotte Hall, Md., earned the distinction for her grassroots advocacy in 2011 to save youth motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles from a misguided federal law that would have banned their sale on Jan. 1, 2012. The victory over the lead law was sealed when President Obama signed legislation overturning the ban on Aug. 12, 2011.

Learn more about Nancy at her Facebook page and on YouTube


January 04, 2012 Some Old Blood and Young Blood

For our first show of 2012, we ring in the New Year.

First, we have some old blood. An interview with the last remaining board track racer Jim Davis from back in 1996. He was over 100 years old at the time of the interview. He excelled in board-track racing and on dirt ovals. Davis also won the very first national race sanctioned by the AMA.

Second, we have the young blood. Jonny "Old Soul" Shantery is an amazing young 12 year old who is an experienced biker, hunter and musician. He even plays and sings for us live.